The Number #1 Method To Turn Yourself Into A Fat Burning Machine!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

You might be thinking… is it really possible for me to lose weight? I've tried everything I can but nothing seems to work! I still seem to feel the same way and lack the same confidence I need to progress in my life.

Well... the good news is that anyone can lose weight, it's really not that complicated!

There is literally only one thing you have to make sure of every day, week, month or even year which will dictate whether or not you see the number on the scale move up, down or neither.


Before I reveal that to you, I want to share my personal favourite method that will inevitably turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

The Ketogenic Diet or, Keto Diet for short.

My whole life I’ve never been considered lean, toned or anything to that matter. I was in the gym one day with my friend and I told him ‘I wanna get lean. I want to see some good muscle definition. I want to shed some of this bulky fat, especially around my waist’.

His reply was, ‘You should do the Keto diet’.

I thought to myself okay… what’s the Keto diet?

I went home after the gym, jumped straight on my laptop and started to do some research about the Keto diet. Some of the things I was reading sounded unreal. The results people were getting from following a Keto diet were mesmerising. What’s even more mesmerising is the science behind it. You gotta love science.

After finding this out, for 10 straight weeks I went full Keto mode and lost 9kg (20 pounds). I got my body fat percentage down to 10% and gained a six-pack. I even had more energy throughout the day, my skin never looked better and I felt amazing!

The way the weight was just falling off week by week I actually couldn’t believe it. It’s almost as if every time I looked in the mirror, I was just getting slimmer leaner and more confident.

The best thing about it was that I didn’t even increase my cardio or lose much muscle. In fact, you don’t even need to step a foot in the gym or on the running track to see the same results.

So, what is the Keto diet and how does it work?

In other words, the Keto diet is a diet which basically eliminates carbohydrates from your diet. There is a catch though…

You have to replace those carbs with MORE FAT!


Can you believe it? Eating more fat makes you less fat, quite literally.

Sounds impossible though, doesn’t it?

Now the beauty of the science behind the Keto diet is this - food groups are made up of 3 macronutrient groups known as macros for short. They are; fat, protein and carbohydrates.

A normal staple diet would probably be something like this: 30% of the food you consume would be protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs, give or take a few percentage points based on your eating preference. If your eating habits are really bad, you could be looking at high volumes of fat and carbohydrates.

On the Keto diet your macros are; 20% protein, only 5% carbohydrates and a whopping 75% from fat.

It’s amazing. That means all those delicious foods such as eggs, cheese, fatty steaks, burger patties and bacon etc. are definitely on the menu.

However, you must make sure you eat healthy fats. You can’t just stuff your face with McDonalds, KFC and Ice-Cream. I mean I wish you could, but it’s just not possible to get results doing this, and it’s not healthy for your body internally.

When I say healthy fats, I’m talking about fats which are primarily monosaturated, polyunsaturated and some saturated fats.

I say some saturated fats because eating too many can increase your LDL, which is your bad cholesterol levels. However, when you’re on the Keto diet, saturated fats are okay to consume because the added health benefits balance it out so there’s minimal risk of that happening.

These healthy fats come from foods such as avocados, eggs, fish, nuts and olive oil etc.

I actually have a completely FREE Keto eBook which you can download which tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the diet and how to be successful on it. You can find it here. It includes everything I mention in this article and way more!

However, the fats to avoid whenever possible are trans fats. These are considered unhealthy for your body and in worse case scenarios can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. You will find these from eating foods like the aforementioned McDonalds and KFC’s. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all love a Big Mac, just try your best to only eat them on the rarest of occasions.

By changing your macro split to 75% of your foods from fat, 20% from protein and only 5% from carbs your body goes into ketosis or otherwise called a ketogenic state.

What happens next is truly magical.

For the average person, our source of energy comes from carbohydrates either in the form of glucose, insulin and sugars. I’m sure you’ve been told before to eat a banana for some energy when you’re feeling tired. My Mum used to tell me on several occasions to munch down a banana before my football match.

Now, when you’re on the Keto diet you actually force your body to change its source of energy to come from fat produced by ketones. This quite literally means you are using your own fat to burn as energy. You are burning your fat away into the atmosphere in exchange for increased energy.

That sounds like a pretty good deal!

Over the course of weeks or months your stored fat gets lower and lower as it’s being used for energy and your body and mind starts getting better and better.

Like that wasn’t enough, there are loads of other added health benefits such as:

  • Better skin

  • Clearer thinking

  • Prevention of diabetes

  • Increase in HDL which is your body’s good cholesterol

  • Lower blood pressure

  • More energy

  • Healthier heart

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Suppressed appetite

It all sounds too good to be true. Well, speaking from personal experience I can tell you that its not. I experienced most of these things mentioned on that list.

There is a slight downside though I must mention that happens during the transition phase whilst entering ketosis. It’s called the Keto flu.

Don’t worry, it’s not a real flu. Its just your body getting used to its new and cleaner source of fuel. Just like when you do an oil change on a car. It also only takes a few days and then you’re back to normal, feeling better than ever. There’re also several things you can do to prevent the Keto flu from happening which I tell you all about in my free keto eBook which you can download it here.

Remember earlier on when I told you that there’s only one thing you need to make sure of which dictates whether or not you will lose weight or not?

That’s to make sure you are in a calorie deficit for a sustained period of time.

Basically, eat less calories than you burn. Simple.

There are many factors which dictate what this number is such as age, height, weight and gender, and the good news is you don’t even have to work it out for yourself. You can use a TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculator to find it out. This will tell you exactly how many calories you burn in a day and therefore you should aim to eat roughly 500 calories less than this number every day.

Just like with any diet or solution, if you are NOT in a calorie deficit you cannot lose weight. It’s impossible (unless you use extreme surgical methods which I highly recommend you DON’T even consider).

That’s all there is to it really. Keto diet and a calorie deficit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Keto diet is the only way to lose weight, I just know it’s a super effective way to do it, and personally, it worked extremely well for me.

Providing you remain in a calorie deficit for a sustained period of time (weeks, months or years) you will lose weight. The results might not be as quick but it’s still very possible.

I hope this gave you a valuable insight into one of the best and most effective ways to lose weight.

Remember, my free Keto eBook contains more than enough information on how to be successful with the Keto diet and delves into a lot more information regarding it.

Click here to access it, after all its free so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Good luck and let me know what you think in the comments.

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