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Channelling Your Motivation to Smash Your Weight Loss Goals

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Have you ever heard the term; don’t think with your emotions, use your emotions to think?

This is something I learned recently from a book I read called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. It really hit home with me and when I think about it and it can apply to all areas of life.

And this is what this article is all about. Applying this strategy to weight loss. Using your emotions to think rather than thinking with your emotions. Digging deep to find the motivation behind your weight loss journey and really channelling that to make sure you succeed!

Now hear me out before you think this sounds silly or all philosophical. It is philosophical in a sense, but if you can do this it will increase your chances of being successful in weight loss 3x.

Before we start, I want to define what I mean by using your emotions to think, rather than thinking with your emotions.

We’ve probably all been there before when we’ve got angry or upset about something and instantly re-acted based on that feeling. The likeliness is, that because of that impulse reaction we made the situation worse.

Instead, if we had of given it a few days to think it over, we could’ve come up with a solution which meant we potentially would never have to face that situation again.

Let me give you an example. Your friends invite you to an exclusive private event in your local area which you can’t miss because it’s said to be the highlight of the year. However, on this particular occasion you don’t have the money and unfortunately you have to decline the big event. You feel like you’re missing out and become upset because you can’t go. FOMO comes to mind. Perhaps you’re also a bit angry and embarrassed because all your other friends would never have to miss out for the same reason.

Now, instead of hiding away and crawling into your shell for a few days or weeks, likely making your emotions spiral into a further state of decline, you spend the night thinking about how you can ensure you never have to miss out again due to money reasons.You admit you’re feeling upset, angry and embarrassed, and you’re not a fan of feeling like this.

So… the next morning you orchestrate a plan. You decide to budget more carefully, do some extra hours at work and find a way to make a little extra money on the side. You also create a savings plan or pension fund. Within a couple of months, your money problems are starting to disappear and you even have a small amount left over at the end of each month. The next time your friends invite you out, you accept with a huge smile on your face. Buzzing!

That’s using your emotions to think. You channelled those bad feelings and used them to your advantage to think. You just improved your life in the process.

You use those negative feelings and turn them into motivation to make sure you never feel like that again.

The same works for weight loss.

There are many motives for wanting to lose weight, some more server than others. However, there is no right or wrong reason behind your motivations.

My personal reason for wanting to lose weight was to simply look and feel better. Some people might call that vein but it doesn’t matter. I didn’t like the feeling of always being conscious about my belly fat or how I thought it looked in certain positions. I didn’t like feeling embarrassed about having to try and make my belly look smaller by breathing in.

Many people might be able to relate to that. For others, their weight might be severely affecting their confidence. Their weight might be making them anxious in social situations or depressed. Their love life might be drastically deteriorating because of it. In some cases, weight loss might be causing them health issues.

These are all extremely valid reasons to want to lose weight, and with them come negative associated emotions.

Now we have to use those emotions to think. Use those emotions to find the root of your motivation. If you want to feel sexier in the bedroom reigniting your marriage, tell yourself that every day to remind yourself why you want to lose weight.

If your confidence and self-doubt is affecting you so much you dread thinking about having to wear a bikini when you go on holiday because you’re worried about how people will look at you, use that to make sure you persevere with your weight loss goals.

Maybe you just want to get some killer looking Instagram photos to get loads of likes and followers. Okay cool, that’s your motivation.

The point is, you really have to dig deep and find your motivation to show yourself why you REALLY want to lose weight.

Do this every day!

Use any negative emotions you have due to your weight and turn them into positives. Devise a plan to make sure you never feel those emotions again and execute it!

I told myself every day that I don’t like feeling embarrassed and conscious about my belly fat. I did this to remind myself why I should finish what I started. If I quit, I’m just going to end up feeling the same way I hated feeling before. I really don’t want that.

Now apply the same logic to yourself.

Try it for a week, and you’ll see how effective it is using your negative feelings as your motivation. Then continue to do this for the next week, and the week after, and the week after that.

This will guarantee you smash your goals.

You’ll be looking and feeling like you’ve never felt before.

Don’t think with your emotions, use your emotions to think!

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