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How Losing Weight Can Change Your Life

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Losing weight can change your life. It will certainly improve it!

By the time you’ve finished reading this I’m going to open your eyes to exactly how this is possible.

I’ll start by telling you how it changed mine.

My whole life I’ve been interested in the fitness world, either hitting the gym, playing football or generally just being active. However, I never really had any results to show for it because my diet was bad or I just wasn’t being consistent enough. My friends used to jokingly make fun of me saying I’m on a ‘perma-bulk’ and should have way more muscle than I do now. It was light-heartedly fun but I knew they had a point.

I used to be really frustrated at my lack of progress and I always thought I looked too bulky, especially around the belly area. I used to shrug it off but deep down when I looked in the mirror I always used to focus on my tummy and fat areas and not like what I saw.

I didn’t suffer from any health-related issues due to my weight but always felt my lack of fitness was holding me back from being a better footballer, and my extra belly fat made me feel a little anxious in social situations. For example, I was always trying to breathe in to make my tummy look smaller. If my shirt was too tight, I really felt it around the belly area and would try to avoid sitting down because I thought it would make me look my worse.

I always thought of myself as a fairly confident individual not afraid to put myself out there. It was only until the summer of 2020 I actually decided to seriously try and lose some weight.

My motivation for doing so was that I wanted to look better, leaner, and just feel better in myself overall. Nothing wrong that. Some people might call than vain but that's okay.

I’d had enough of feeling like I needed to make my stomach look tighter in social situations by holding my breath in or feeling reluctant to take my t-shirt off knowing that the first thing my eyes would automatically be attracted to was my fatty areas. It made me want to lose weight badly. So much so that it gave me the motivation I needed to ensure I was dedicated enough to be consistent over 10 weeks.

The result? I lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks and gained a six-pack. Pretty cool, and when I looked in the mirror, I got a massive buzz. I actually couldn’t wait to take my t-shirt off when I got back from work. Imagine feeling like that.

The feeling was amazing!

Not just because I had a six-pack, but because I made that happen. Just like when you build a new house or design a piece of software. You're extremely proud of it. You did that! No one can take that away from you.

All my friends who used to give me banter before were now congratulating me saying how great I was looking. No better feeling I promise!

You’re probably thinking why did you need to lose weight if you considered yourself confident prior…The truth is that whilst I was losing weight I felt like a new man. I felt invincible. My confidence sky-rocketed. It made me realise that in actual fact I wasn’t that confident before. I was just masking my true feelings by telling myself I was.

After I lost my desired weight I was on top of the world… and still am!

This made me grasp the three core principles you need to be successful with weight loss.

Consistency, dedication and BELIEF. You’ve probably heard it before but there’s nothing truer. Neither one is more important than the other. The whole is greater than the sum of all parts.

Once you’ve mastered all three, your weight loss journey will be an easy one. In fact, it’s scientifically impossible to not lose weight providing you’re doing it the right way. I have another article on that and a free weight loss eBook which will tell you exactly how to do that. You can find it here.

However, I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park to remain consistent and dedicated. I’m sure you already know this if you’ve tried to lose weight before.

The way I managed to do it was dig deep and find the root of my motivation. I then used my reasoning for wanting to lose weight to my advantage. Your negative feelings can be used as a good thing! Use that to your advantage.

There's no right or wrong reason for your motivation. I simply just wanted to look and feel better. Others might have more serious, deeper reasons.

Once you’ve been honest with yourself with why you really want to lose weight, you can use your emotions to think…

What do I mean by that?

For example,

‘My weight is making me feel down, unmotivated and have a severe lack of self-confidence. I don't like this feeling, but instead of using that emotion to become even more unmotivated and defeated, I'm going to use it to make sure I never feel like this again.

So, how do I go about doing this, what do I need to do?... I know, lose weight!’

Okay... now the ball is rolling.

‘By using my negative emotions, I’m going to use that as my motivation to ensure I succeed in losing weight. This will help me to eliminate all those bad feelings I currently feel and start feeling great about myself again so I can start improving my life. I’m going to use my motivation to stay consistent and dedicated’

This is exactly what I did. What happened? After a couple of weeks of consistently following my meal plan and workout schedule, I started to notice some positive changes in my appearance and my confidence grew. I suddenly started to believe in myself.

This could be you. You don’t even need the workout schedule to see the same results!

As the pounds are dropping off and you start feeling better within yourself, you may find yourself in social situations you were avoiding before because of your weight. You can finally re-establish the close bond you used to have with old friends and start making new ones.

You'll become more motivated throughout the day, have more energy and believe in yourself more. You might start putting in the extra effort at work, which your boss notices and decides to give you a promotion.

You’ll start feeling sexier in the bedroom and as a result your marriage or relationship with your partner has never been better.

Maybe you’ve been struggling to find a relationship and your new boost of confidence combined with a leaner look is making the task of finding a partner much easier. In fact, you might not have to try at all.

The most important factor will be that you feel better in yourself. You’re happier. Your proud of yourself. You can walk around with your head held high. All your friends are noticing and commenting on how amazing you’re looking. Ironically, you'll actually notice that these things will naturally happen without even having to try too hard. It's the snowball effect. Feeling better about yourself makes you feel more confident, have more belief. That belief enables you to gain more confidence, which gives you the motivation you need to succeed in life, and that feeling of success causes you to become even more dedicated and motivated and confident and... you get the picture.

Going back to my personal story, I experienced the exact same snowball effect I just mentioned so I’m not just making it up. I had added confidence and believed in myself so much more! So much so, that I thought if I can lose weight and get a six-pack, (something I’ve always wanted but never had), I can do anything! The eventual outcome of that added belief, confidence and overall better well-being allowed me to go on and start my own weight loss coaching program and marketing business!

My life has improved 10x! All because of weight loss.

And yours can too!

Weight loss changed my mindset to a winning one, and it wasn't difficult.

The same logic CAN and WILL apply to you.

Okay we might not all decide to start a business, but your increased health means you can spend more quality time with your family. Either way your life will improve. Even a small improvement is better than no improvement! That small improvement then has the potential to snowball into a big improvement.

My last words to you are - YOU CAN DO IT. Just remember your motivation for doing so and the three core principles to succeed; dedication, consistency and BELIEF.

Go get em’ tiger!

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